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I will help you
 get fit and
get healthy!

Recognized as one of the top fitness professionals in San Francisco, I have been helping clients safely and effectively get into the shape they want since 1992. Whether you want to build muscle, recover from an injury, burn calories, or just get moving, I will personalize a training regime to help you achieve your fitness goals.

I get it! If you don’t enjoy your fitness program, you are unlikely to stick with it. That’s why we will work together to figure out exercises and routines that work for you, building in variety to keep your body and mind interested and engaged.

Together we start from where you are and move forward to where you want to go.



Private Training

Feel Good, Look Good

Group exercise works for some people, but many have specific needs or goals that greatly benefit from focused, expert guidance.


I have worked with professional acrobats, dancers, dedicated amateur athletes, surgery patients, “desk jockeys” and those with chronic, limiting health conditions.

I also work with couples or buddies, which opens up a whole new area of exercise options. 


Injury Recovery

A Healthier You

Even simple injuries can complicate your exercise needs and options.


Recovering from injuries is a fascinating area in which I have a high degree of training and experience. Using my detailed understanding of the function of the body in motion to help speed your recovery without risking further injury, I adapt your training program as your health improves.


I often collaborate with a client’s doctor or chiropractor to keep you safe as you make progress.

Strength & Stamina

The Ergonomic Body

A large portion of my clientele comes from the tech world.


However ergonomic your desk set-up may be, the human body is not designed to sit for hours every day and protests with an array of aches, pains, stiffness and other issues.


I can develop a program that addresses your body’s need to remedy those hours at a desk and help you build flexibility, body awareness and good posture.

Running Machine

There is ALWAYS something we can do to move you towards your fitness goals. 

Are you certified? For what? With whom?

I am certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as an Exercise Physiologist. In addition to a full range of personal trainer skills, I have special expertise in reducing or reversing disease and injury progression. I am also aware of what might be outside of my field of expertise, and am happy to refer you to another health professional for help, or work with your existing providers. I want you to have the best exercise experience possible, and to meet or exceed your health and fitness goals!

I'm gym-shy. Can you help me get used to what for me is a scary place?

I understand that not every client feels comfortable at a gym, especially if you've never been to one or it's been a long time since you have. My goal is to make the exercise experience fun as well as productive. We can figure out what would make you more comfortable, and I will work with you both as a buffer and a focal point.

I am under care for back issues. Can you work with that? With my docs/therapy?

Honestly, MOST of my clients have had back issues at some point, including me. I will help you determine some of the specific problems that may have contributed to their development, and will gladly work with your doctor or physical therapist as needed. Helping to alleviate back problems is one of my specialties.

I've been training for years, but can't gain/lose weight. Can you help?

Yes! I've worked with many people who, due to health issues, have needed to lose weight. This requires a "judgement-free" attitude, and a willingness to help with the issues that may have fostered the weight gain in the first place. I believe that potential weight loss is a multi-faceted issue and I am more than willing to be supportive as well as inspirational, along with teaching you more about how metabolism and changing habits can work for you. I can also help with weight gain. Many folks are "hard gainers", who have a hard time putting on muscle. Whether it's for health or aesthetic reasons, I can teach you how to increase your exercise efficiency and how nutrition can work to your advantage to help you add the muscle you desire.

 I have an arm/neck/shoulder disability. Can you work with me?

Shoulder and neck problems are far more common than they used to be. They are often a result of some type of repetitive stress (computer work, driving, etc.), but can have other causes. Along with dealing with back issues, this is also one of my specialties. I can help figure out what may have caused the problem, and can definitely help find a solution.

Contact Me
Client Testimonials

          I have been training with B.C. for several years now and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to become more fit and healthy.

Not only does she know a tremendous amount about weightlifting and anatomy of the body, but also a great deal about nutrition and healthy lifestyles. As I now know — thanks to her —they all go hand-in-hand. On top of her knowledge, her attitude and support has been wonderful.

I feel like she really wants to see me succeed and has been extremely encouraging — not to mention being very complimentary as I have made progress.”

Brian Dittmar

          B.C. is a very attentive, qualified and knowledgeable trainer. Eight years later we are STILL doing new and interesting exercises. 
B.C. is also very good with injuries and rehabilitation. If you have an physical problem and need a trainer to help you get better,
she'd be my first recommendation. She understands pain and the human condition.  

I am very happy with my physique, the progress I have made, and my health. 

I feel very fortunate to have chosen B.C. as my trainer, and several of my friends feel the same. She has quite a following, deservedly so.”

L. D.

          I came to B.C. at a time when I needed to direct my stress in a more positive way. My personal and work life were very much in turmoil, and my body showed that.

BC was the answer to changing old habits and creating more positive ones. She is someone who is attentive to things going on with your life, and gives you the courage and strength to do that through your workout. She is also very honest and direct in ways that make you think.

B.C. is also wonderful at talking about nutrition and taking care of yourself. She is great at setting goals that are attainable, and will help you get there.”

Pilar Leano

What My Clients Say... start training? Have questions? Unsure what to do next? Get in touch! Reach me via phone, text or eMail or just fill out the form below and I'll get back to you right away. I look forward to hearing from you soon!



There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach to training. 

I work with a wide variety of people. Some have no physical issues beyond those built into our modern lifestyles. Others have specific health challenges. I help people with HIV-related illness, rotator cuff and cervical spine surgeries, obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome and other RSIs, epilepsy and cancer, to improve their physical and mental well being. 

Relentless in building my knowledge and expertise, I am certified as an Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine. I have  certifications and specialized education in a wide range of health and fitness challenges, including asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. 

I take great pride in making a difference in my clients’ lives. I'd like to make a difference in yours.

Knowledgeable, Skilled, Compassionate

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